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"The coursework delved deeper than I expected and gave me an extra push in deepening my spiritual practice. I go back to things like Sacred Slaughter, dealing with death and permaculture in general. If you join the program, you’re in for a delicious treat. I am humbled by the generosity and wealth of information that Krista shares. "

Deepening my spiritual practice . . .
Martha Letessier

"Before I started working with Krista, I was afraid to have to dig deep and struggle. Now I know that dealing with trauma doesn’t have to be difficult. Krista’s Soft Animal / Myth Mending process has gone past my brain right into the cells of my body, the animal within, and only pure honest discoveries have come forth. I loved the sacredness of working with Krista, the idea that our ancestors are involved, the wholeness – involving our mind, body, spirit and beyond – right down to items for the altar. If you are open to learning a unique way to deal with trauma and become more resilient for future ones, work with Krista!"

mind, body, spirit and beyond
Marianne Gotz

"Lazy-Lady Living has taught me that the type of human being I am will greatly inform how and why I sow seeds and grow plants/vegetables/herbs. All that matters is that I start to make small, meaningful changes daily. LLL has helped me to approach challenges and struggles in a fresh way, with curiosity and passion to find creative solutions. The material is so deep that I think one could spend a lifetime contemplating and there would still be more to learn. Lazy-Lady Living reveals how preciously intertwined we all are. When one can really feel how interconnected one is to the rest of the world, it becomes easier to make choices that will benefit the Whole."

reveals how preciously intertwined we all are
Julie Shiprack

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You'll probably love the SOFT ANIMAL SANCTUARY community group where we talk about current sanctuary happenings . . .